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My Steeds

My ‘best’ outdoor bike:

A Focus Aventura that is decidedly more comfortable than the Muddy Fox below. As I’m getting on in years I felt something a little more luxurious was required and as such the Aventura came with the following specifications:

My ‘rough’ outdoor bike:

Muddy Fox

A Muddy Fox that is now several years old. No suspension (except for the saddle) and silky smooth while riding. The problem for me now is that the crank is rather high (intentional on a mountain bike) but means that to get the leg nearly straight, the saddle has to be very high.

My indoor bike:

Pro-Form 800TR800 TR Console

This Pro-Form 800 TR is decidedly more difficult to ride than the Muddy Fox.

The fan is slow and the CD player is a gimmick, I’d prefer a decent shelf for remotes, cups, phone and the like. Beats going out in the rain though 🙂

My Folding Bike:

Tiger Foldaway Click to go large

Tiger Foldaway, a sub £100 folder.
Stainless mudguards, brakes that work, nice folding pedals, lovely smooth tyres and lots of free squeaks. MORE…



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