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Speed bumps 2007-03-17 Saturday

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Those speed bumps in Green Lane can catch you unawares if you’re not careful.

Speed bumps


End of Month Statistics and Expensive Mapping 2007-03-01 Thursday

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With the help of a little over 16 miles on the indoor steed, I managed to creep over the 100 miles total for February.

2007 February stats (Click to go large)

This means that I now know I could cycle from home to Manchester and it would take no longer than 28 days 😉 But take a look at the Average Yearly Feet Climbed, 145,000 feet. That’s as high as the Mesosphere (more than 10 London buses).

The downside of this is, that to prove a constant, I have to surpass this total during March (there being more days available).

All ride information and data is handled by CycliStats.

On a more interesting note, I bought what must be the most expensive map of my driving lifetime. Actually that’s possibly not true, I once had to buy a French road atlas from a Peage service area years ago. THAT was the most expensive if I remember correctly.

Back to the here and now. I treated myself to an Ordnance Survey ‘Select’ map. This is a map (Scale: 1:25,000 or 1:50,000) that you can have centered on any location. The advantage here is that I now have a map with my house as the centre of my local cycling universe. Oh, and you get to choose the picture and text for the cover page. And it’s water resistant. And there’s free P&P at the moment.

OS Select

(EDIT) I do not have any intention of going to Manchester, by bike or any other means of transport.

Letterbocks 2007-02-02 Friday

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Time for another paper round day and already 5.72 miles towards February’s mileage.

An opportunity here to rant about crappy letterboxes. There are a small number of letterboxes that I have to be very wary off, a few due to them having rabid dogs on the other side, some that could quite easily remove a couple of digits without canine assistance, and one in particular that pisses me off each week due to size and location.

Here it is, caught on my mobile phone, and blurred as the door was moving 😉

miniscule letterbox

Click to go large (if at all possible)

Admittedly, some countries haven’t managed to progress beyond having the mail left in a tin box at the end of their driveways. At least we as a civilised nation get our mail and news delivered right to the door. There are however, some residents that try their hardest to prevent it. Not only is the letterbox in that picture too bloody small, it is within a couple of inches of the ground. Yes I have to get off my bike, but surely there is a H&S consideration here?

I hope snails crawl through the flap.

The highlight of the ride was listening to 3xCDs worth of MP3s on my ‘Vusys

The album is 12″ 80s Pop

I’ve been experimenting with listening to different genres of music on the indoor steed and to my astonishment have found punk to be the most beneficial. Bad luck really as I can’t stand it.