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I love cycling.
I do maybe five miles a week minimum, twenty if I’m lucky, maybe more if I have to help out with my son’s paper round. The low mileage is about all I can manage due to a collapsed spinal disc, arthritis and angina (not that I’m complaining, there isn’t time). However I like to get out in the fresh air, take photographs, occasionally get wet and always get tired.

Why ‘Virtual Cyclist‘? Because I don’t label cars ‘tin boxes’ like they are all the cyclists enemy or something. I don’t generalise inconsiderate road users as being car drivers, they may well be car drivers, they also may be bus drivers, truck drivers, or heaven forbid, other cyclists.
I understand when you are a ‘real’ cyclist you are allowed to do all this and more 😉

My puny weekly mileage suggests I don’t have much cycling experience. On the contrary, I’ve ridden cycles on the road for over forty years, had both a motor cycle and car licence for thirty five years, driven literally millions of miles, not only in the UK, but in dozens of countries on three continents.

For the sake of distant readers I feel I ought to point out that I live just north of Walsall in England.

Now, feel free to comment on any of the posts in the Virtual Cyclist blog.



1. Chris Nicole - 2008-06-10 Tuesday

I bought a Tiger Foldaway a few weeks ago. Whilst generally I like it, the gear ratios just seem wrong. I cycle in Hull where it’s very flat, I’m doing all the work in top gear 6th and 5th it’s still very slow, the lower gears get no use at all (I’d be quicker pushing it). I wonder if it is worthwhile trying a larger chain wheel ?
Would that give me a more usefull gear set, or make it completely unridable ?

2. hoipoloi - 2008-06-10 Tuesday

For a higher speed you’d need a larger front chain wheel.
It seems that this bike is simply fitted with a ‘standard’ gear set with no consideration for the small wheel size.

I have noticed it is rather under geared when in sixth but as I use this bike for just ‘pottering’ about on it doesn’t bother me much.

3. Chris Nicole - 2008-06-10 Tuesday

Would I be better off looking for a different gear set ?

My wife got a Proteam folder (Bargain £99.99 at the Range). This has 16″ wheels and six gears but seems pretty nippy compared with the 20″ Tiger.

4. hoipoloi - 2008-06-10 Tuesday

I’ll be honest here, I’ve never changed a gear set on a rear wheel. I would think it would be easier (cheaper?) to change the front ring. That would obviously move all the gears up the range a bit.

I think this topic should be here 🙂

5. Andy - 2008-07-10 Thursday

What a great site, I’m a self titled non professional cyclist of just over 6 months, what i thought was going to be another one of my 2 week fads has turned into a hobby, But I only manage about 20 miles max most sunday mornings in the local area, I’m also from Walsall and cycle the canals, national cycle routes and local routes and old railways, I’m trying to put together a website, adding new bits each week as I cycle around the local area,

6. hoipoloi - 2008-07-10 Thursday

Hello Andy, nice to know there’s someone else who enjoys a local ride without the need to attain a yellow jersey 🙂

I’d be interested to see your website (whatever stage it’s at) and would be willing to donate the odd photo if you like.

Please keep me posted.

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