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Kenda Kovert 2008-07-11 Friday

Posted by hoipoloi in Hardware.
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It’s not been a very good month as far as road rubber is concerned. The supremely inferior ‘Flying Diamond” made in China tyres as supplied on the Tiger Foldaway have lasted a mere 180 miles before the rear was totally bald. Admittedly around 50 of those miles was pulling an extremely heavy trailer, and braking with such a load would very likely show in heavy tyre wear, but, even so I’m not impressed with Chinese rubber.

I’m probably jumping from the frying pan to the fire here but I’ve invested in some (probably only slightly less inferior) Taiwanese tyres, the Kenda Kovert. Although intended for BMX use they were about the only ‘smooth tread” tyre available in a 20″ size.

I’ve just returned from a 5 mile ride with these and they seem fine so far. There was one incident where it felt they started to slide while cornering on a wet manhole cover but that is to be expected on any make really.

These tyres together with the Schwalbe City Jet were supplied by Discount Bicycles Limited who I’m not very pleased with. I ordered on a Thursday, the debit was taken from my bank the next day (Friday), I phoned the following Tuesday to enquire where the order was and was told they were in dispatch. I get a call on the following Friday to say they haven’t got the 26″ x 2″ in stock will I accept the 26″ x 1.5″? They will be dispatched next day (arrive Saturday). They turn up Monday and to top it all they have been subjected to some sort of damage and the tyre beading is bent: (Kenda top, Schwalbe below)

It just means I shop elsewhere next time.