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Vredestein Scarab part 2 2008-06-26 Thursday

Posted by hoipoloi in Hardware.

15 months ago I fitted (with some dificulty) a pair of Vredestein Scarabs to my Muddy Fox bike.

428 miles later and both tyres are showing signs of deterioration on the side walls. The front (pictured below) is more severe than the rear but both are bad enough to warrant replacing. This picture shows both sides of the front tyre and the two yellow markers show the extremes of the longest split (click to go large).

Normally cracks are caused by excessive sunlight but the only time these tyres see daylight is when I’m riding the bike. My sons bike which I fitted with the same tyres at the same time doesn’t appear to be suffering from the same problem and he’s done around 1,000 miles on his so go figure. Incidentally these tyres haven’t succumbed to any punctures and my son swears by the amount of grip in both wet and dry conditions.

I phoned Vredestein to enquire what sort of mileage/life I should expect from this model but the person I spoke to insisted on directing me to the supplier rather than answer my question.  While the supplier is one with which I have always experienced good service, I don’t think it is their responsibility when a product such as this is obviously out of any possible warranty. Therefore I didn’t bother them.

What I did do though is to tell all here and source a replacement of better quality.

And this is it, the Schwalbe City Jet with puncture protection 26″ x 2.0″ at £14.24 each.  Here’s hoping 🙂



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