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Virtual European Tour #06 2007-08-16 Thursday

Posted by hoipoloi in Virtual Tour.
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Another poor month with only 47.43 miles accumulated. This may well be the norm for a while I’m afraid. I think of all the people that are able to do that in a day, who would probably laugh when comparing it to their own high mileage accomplishments. I then think of the people that can’t get out on a bike at all, of the people that can’t get out full stop.
No, I’m happy with my lot, it’s not a poor month at all.

So, I leave Andouillé-Neuville heading towards Rennes but eventually by-passing the city (I prefer to keep clear of the big towns). While still in Brittany, my mileage allows me to get as far as Monteneuf, a village that has roots to the Neolithic past and boasts Megalithic stones from that period.