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Virtual European Tour #05 2007-07-04 Wednesday

Posted by hoipoloi in Virtual Tour.
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June saw a total mileage of 48.96 miles which has brought the average monthly mileage down to 80.36. The reason, and it is a reason, not an excuse, is that while installing an 8-way aerial splitter and sockets to five rooms, I twisted my knee and it has been painful to use since (about a fortnight).

But, it gets me somewhere right? Over the border into Brittany is where, and a little village called AndouillĂ©-Neuville. Those of you that are familiar with this area will realise that I’m heading towards Rennes, bypassing most of Brittany and heading straight for the West coast of France.

Andouille-Neuville Click to go large

So, what is AndouillĂ©-Neuville famous for? Is it indeed famous at all? I haven’t a clue but if anybody (particularly from France) can enlighten me then please do, in English please.