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Vredestein Scarab 2007-03-31 Saturday

Posted by hoipoloi in Hardware.

What initially sounds like an Egyptian curse, is in fact my choice of ‘summer’ tyre for our two everyday bikes.


The Scarab boasts ‘Wide, semi-slick centre tread for low rolling resistance, with traction cleats for off-road use’ and ‘Equipped with PRS Puncture Resistance System’ and at less than a tenner from www.wiggle.co.uk they should be fine until next winter.

Obviously I shall report back on just how ‘Puncture Resistant’ they are. What I will mention though is that they were a real bitch to get them to seat properly on the rim ( I even tried inflating to the max 50psi to see if they popped into place). It took me most of one evening to change four tyres on two bikes. Now, I don’t know whether it is because there is a contradiction in sizes or not but after decades of fitting bicycle tyres I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like them.

The label clearly states 47-559 (26×1.7)


And the tyre shows 47-559 (26×1.75)

Scarab wall

I know the difference is in the width, but as the tyre is primarily measured metrically, I can only assume it won’t be an exact imperial 26 x whatever. I may be wrong of course 🙂

The conclusion is that while they perform nicely, I’m hoping that I WON’T get a puncture during their lifetime, and I WON’T be replacing them with the same tyre again.



1. Jan Willem - 2008-02-29 Friday

I have them for a year now and like them
According to test doen by bike union in Holland the are quite good, even the best in relation to Schwalbe.
The rolling resistance is rather low. I use the 35mm width where my friends ride on racingbikes with racing tubes and I cope with them quite well.

2. hoipoloi - 2008-02-29 Friday

Thanks for the comment Jan.
I’ve done 383 miles (616 km) on these now and there is no great sign of wear. And no punctures which is obviously good news.

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