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Another round trip 2007-01-29 Monday

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Such a nice day today (not raining anyway) I had to take ‘Muddy’ for a spin. Well, a bit more than a spin really, 12.40 miles to be exact according to my trusty wireless bike computer.

Little Bloxwich, Pelsall, Clayhanger, Brownhills, Shire Oak, Lazy Hill, Leighswood, Stubbers Green and Shelfield.

Here’s a picture of a sculpture at Catshill Junction, Brownhills:

Catshill Junction

It’s not on the towpath side so getting up close is out of the question. I presume it depicts local interests past and present. I’ll have to start bringing my bins on these rides.

I admit I got off and walked up Lazy Hill after trying most of the 21 gears at my disposal. It’s especially humiliating when I think I used to climb up there on a fixed gear bike forty years ago.

Throughout the ride I was listening to podcasts from The Bike Show, a London based radio station that talks bikes. The best thing is, they hardly ever mention the ‘Tour’, although to be honest I’m still catching up on their weekly podcasts so that may change. At least it’s a British effort and not one of the countless American casts.

I really enjoyed todays ride, maybe I’ll get myself a dictation machine so that I can produce some ride documentation for others to try.


Getting carried away 2007-01-19 Friday

Posted by hoipoloi in Rides.

Yesterday I decided I’d deliver around a hundred newspapers in case my son couldn’t do it at the weekend due to the weather. The weather was supposed to be turning quite nasty in the next couple of days, although yesterday’s 70mph winds were bad enough. Even with panniers on the bike the wind didn’t cause too much of a problem. It was the flying roof slates that I had to watch out for.
Anyway, as it turned out today was much calmer so I set off with another hundred papers (there is over 300 in all but one trip with 100 is around 2.5 miles). And feeling as though I could do more distance I decided to take a ride further afield.

I ended up by a pool near Ryders Hayes (click pic below)
Ryders Hayes Pool
I called it Ryders Hayes Pool, like some great explorer who had found it for the first time 🙂

However, I can’t find it labelled on any map so if you know it’s true identity please leave a comment.
Here it is on Google Maps

I followed the route of an old railway track towards Clayhanger but got horribly bogged down in mud. Not only that but the bushes at the side of the path were hawthorns and managed to pierce my thick jacket as I tried to get a firm footing at the side. After 30 mins of this I emerged near some new houses in Mountain Ash Road (isn’t that a Rowan tree?). I continued in the same direction and found myself at the canal. I spent some time here eating sandwiches while keeping an eye on a couple of swans that looked like they were out for trouble. You’ll notice from the picture below that I kept the bike in between me and them.

From here it was a simple ride to the Black Cock Bridge and then by road back home.
8.5 miles in total. No doubt I’ll be out again in the morning to help finish the paper round.